We are a unique UK cycling clothing manufacturer based in Manchester. Our products are all designed, cut and manufactured by hand in our UK factory. . We use quality, technologically advanced breathable fabrics which provide warmth and wick moisture away from the body and anatomic, aerodynamic tailoring with flatseams as standard, the range is constantly updated and expanded with input from not only from our Designers and cycling journalists but also general riders who we encourage to give feedback on our product.. We have had many rave reviews in the cycling press for a range of high performing, stylish yet no nonsense products at very reasonable prices.

We are a family run business, established in 2003, specialising in the sourcing and distribution of everyday, seasonal, premium and commodity confectionery and bakery products to meet and exceed both customer and consumer needs.

We are a new café based in Edenfield, Lancashire welcoming the muddiest, sweatiest, soggiest cyclists or walkers around. We also welcome those who aren't.
     Over the past three decades we developed our service expertise and built a strong reputation in all aspects of industrial and high rise demolition, facade retention and asbestos removal

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